My story

I wouldn’t mind writing a whole page about myself. However, you won’t be interested in reading the whole page. Briefly, I’m a  blogger and, founder @, website developer and fitness enthusiast. I’m an extroverted introvert. That means if I like you, I’ll talk your ears off like I’ve drunk 7 cups of coffee to energize myself. And if I don’t know you or I don’t like you, I’ll be Buddhist monk vow of silence mute. There is no in-between.

I’m not a genius, but I’m far from being considered average. Some people love me, some like me, some hate me. I’ve done good. Rarely I’ve done bad. I believe in minding my own business and let others mind their own. I plan my goals and keep on working until I achieve it. My goals keep me moving. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. You can like me or not. I won’t change. And if I like you I do it with all my heart. 

the gyanist